CARLTON is one of the leading Designers, Sourcing and Manufacturers of Footwears, producing over 5 million shoes a year to customers across the globe.

The family has been producing footwear ever since 1971 and is a major supplier to the UK, and European markets.

We cater to broad range of customers from value to premium retailers from specialist footwear operators to clothing and general retailers from mail order companies to online traders.

CARLTON’s extensive product ranges include ladies, children’s and men’s footwear, hand bags and accessories.

CARLTON’s key strengths are the close long term partnership it has forged with its suppliers and customers, Our structure allows us to manufacture and sell direct to the customer. As footwear is increasingly subject to global fashion trends, we use our design, development and marketing skills to offer successful product ranges to global markets.

How We Work


We are a design-led company, with an adept team of talented designers travelling the whole world to identify the latest trends in the world of footwear to add value through design.


All our factories are equipped with fully mechanized shoe making which are capable of making flat to 120 mm heel shoes.


Our unrivalled legacy is maintained only because of the quality of our products. This consistency is achieved with experience, high control during production, and our obsession for quality assurance.


Providing end to end customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for Carlton. We aim at providing the best after sales service and support to all our valuable customers.

Who We Are

CARLTON was formed in 1989 by Baljit Virk, who is renowned for manufacturing ladies fashion shoes in the East End of London. We have grown to 3 self owned factories in India, and partnering factories from China, Vietnam, Brazil and Spain. Our distribution center in UK and Spain covers all European markets.

Our extensive footwear knowledge, supported by our design and marketing expertise, puts us in a unique position to create and market these exciting ranges of footwear.

We craft our best


“Successful companies build on their founding traditions while looking ahead to the future – and that is what we have done at CARLTON.” We constantly create new designs to meet the needs of our varied customer base. The designers match up with the look of the brand, as they develop an affinity with the customer’s profile and personality. Feedback from the customers makes our hit rate on styles higher than the competition.



We never lose sight of our vision – To be the best fashion footwear sourcing partner. we wish to make people feel good and inspire them through the products and services we provide everyday. We are dedicated to providing total customer service.

Our Clients